December Daily Days 11-15

Annnnnd enter the days of concerts, elves, fudge making (totally on board with this bit) and a visit to the big man Santa. We're getting closer and closer to the big day and the kids excitement is starting to boil over, however bed time is easier as I may be using the excuse ' if you go to bed early that means Santa can come sooner'... this however has its limitations - tis not 15yr old proofed.


Drum music, stars (just a few) and a flip out journal page on a 6x8 pocket page with 2 6x4 sections. Had to do a little cutting and fusing to make the flip out page work, and look, still not 100% sure it does actually work, but looks like it does in the photos so I'll take that :)

Products Used:

- AE DD 2019 Chipboard Bundle

- AE DD 2019 2x2" Die Cut Bundle

- AE DD 2019 Merry Christmas Digital Stamp

- AE Quote Card from a Mystery Purchase

- AE Summer Chipboard Shapes

- Orator Font

- Gold Transparency Stars Sheet Spotlight


Using a 6x8 photo cut to fit 3x4 pockets on one side, with journalling and finding a finger poker culprit on the back. I love these 6x8 grid ideas, however cutting the photos always makes me a tad jittery, which really wouldn't happen if I just took the time to measure properly and not guess...

Products Used:

- AE Paislee Press Mini Kit December Card (with a tab covering last years date)

- AE White Numbers

- Gold Leftover Letters

- Life is Good Stamp from the Kids Are Cool Stamp Set

- Gold Starts, Riot Art

- KADarling Font


Ok, so based on this photo, have realised I need to go back and add a date onto the red card tab - whoops, my bad - will most likely get round to this next year! On a plus, the kids met Santa and apart from the 15yr old all were super happy to do so... I felt the layout was lacking just a little something so I added a white dot transparency sheet over the top of the photo with the 13 on it, happier now!

Products Used:

- AE Paislee Press Mini Kit 2018 Chipboard Elements

- AE Paislee Press Mini Kit 2018 Card

- AE White Numbers

- White Dot Transparency Sheet Spotlight

- AE Favorite Stamp from the Geotag Stamp Set


Worked with a gold and neutral color palette on a 6x8 grid sheet I cut in half. I'll be honest, I actually thought I forgot to take a photo today, so when I came across this little photo I was stoked and slightly hungry again...

Products Used:

- AE 2019 2x2" Die Cut Bundle

- AE White Chipboard Numbers

- AE 2019 Chipboard Bundle #2

- Orator Font

- White Dot Transparency Paper, Spotlight


Tags have been a bit of thing this year for me, mainly because it's been a great way to use up some scrap bits I had lying around and I also love them so its really a win win all round. Using a 6x8 backing for a pocket page, I stapled a cut 'merry' card for the tags to slip into. I think my fav part of this is the vellum stars I added to the 'Hodge' coke bottle - mind you finding a Coke bottle with 'Hodge' on it is just down right cool on its own.

Products Used:

- AE 2018 Paislee Press Mini Kit 'Merry' Card - rose gold and red

- AE Mystery Purchase 'Hello Family' Card

- AE Making Spirits Bright 'Good Tidings' Stamp

- AE Christmas Freebie Quote, printed on vellum

- A TON of leftover scraps and embellishments I have NO idea where I picked them up from.