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December Daily Days #19-21

Bringing you the cutest little Santa hat pocket holder, a full page photo flip out and a few circles

' floating ' on wire (turns out fishing wire isn't just for fishing).



I set aside this super cute (gonna see a lot of that word in this paragraph) Santa hat for this very page and so glad I did, it turned out super cute. The ' 1' needed a little jazzing up so I cut a cardboard '1' out and tied some twine around it to give it some character and dimension. Together the 1 and 9 make a pretty darn cute little pair.

Using the number pockets from Ali Edwards 22 Advent Calendar, this became the house for this

6 x 4 spread. Keeping with the colour of the donuts, I made an acetate card with my minc and lined that with matching colour stars, then added a journalling/embellishment overloaded card to the back to keep in line with the theme.


Ali Edwards Products - 19 Advent Pocket | Leftovers galore

Other Products - Elles Studio Gold Puffy Hearts & Stars | Leftovers for days



Ok, the amount of ink I got on my hands for this page was out of this world ridiculous. I saw @thereypie (if you don't follow her, do yourself and your future crafts a favour and go and do it, you will not regret this - she is amazing) create this awesome page and knew that I was absolutely going to give this a go. This page was super fiddly and at times just about did my head in, but I stuck with it. Is it perfect, heck no, but did I learn a lot - yes and I'm so glad I stuck with it and now can't wait to do it again this year with a few new tweaks.

For this 6 x 8 spread, I printed out two 6 x 8 photos (next time I will restrict the amount of black in the photo), and used one as a guide for sticking the photo flaps down on and one for cutting up and using as the flaps themselves. I then used a 2 x 2 square as a cutting guide, and divided the photo into sections then held my breath as I carefully and accurately tried to cut each part. I used tape to join sections together to create the flaps and then strategically stuck each photo flap down where they sat on the original photo.


Ali Edwards Products - Black Numbers, Twinkle Sticker, Black Tabs, Phrase Strip (22 Advent) | DD 22 Prep Day Quote



Hanging circles - this page was the worst! Ideally I should have cut two 6 x8 sheets with circles on the silhouette, but no I chose the hard way of doing it - by hand and my brain regretted it instantly. It did eventually work out, though far from perfect! But I love the idea and would do it again, but for the execution, would 100% change that up.

I worked with two 6 x 8 sheets, used a 2" circle punch to cut out some circles, stuck down some fishing wire and then very poorly tried to join the two paper pages together. I planned out what would go in what spot and created each circle before sticking them onto the wire. Was quite fun to see the circles ' floating ' with the finished product. See fishing wire isn't just for fishing :)


Ali Edwards Products - Red Tab (22 Advent Calendar) | DD Phone Wallpaper | #21 Puffy Sticker Paislee Press | DD 2018 Die Cut Bundle

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