Sassy Scrappers PL #4

What do navy, pale pink, mustard, coffee and kinder all have in common??? Excellent question ... why they make for another fun Sassy Scrappers Layout!

This spread I used a 12x12" pocket page with a layout I actually don't think I've ever used - or at least remember using. And have to say, after seeing the finish product I think it's reasonable to conclude that I will be adding this format to my of my PL pages.

I am really loving working with a specific color scheme for each page, I find the page ends up coming together so much faster and easier when you have certain colors to use. For the journal grid, I cannot take credit for this idea at all, I saw it somewhere - possibly instagram and knew instantly that this idea would come in handy at some stage of my documenting. So to whomever came up with this THANKYOU.

On top of working with set colors, I also kept the repetitive theme going with tabs and circles... just a wee few circles. I had quite a few spare paper offcuts, and a heap of little embellishments to use, so I thought what better way to use them all than as a filler card. It seemed to work in really well with the journal grid, even though that was in squares, adding those few circle elements to set squares tied the whole page together. Then there's the tabs...What can I say? I am a complete sucker for a tab, they are so easy to create and add a little something extra to an otherwise empty space.

Finally, adding the white cards to the page balanced it all out whilst making those colors pop. And that's a wrap on layout #4.