Sassy Scrappers PL Layout #15

What do backyard renos, greens and a touch of black all have in common? Excellent question, why it means a new Sassy Scrappers layout is done and dusted ! For this spread I used a 12 x 12" pocket page with 6x4" and 4x4" card slots, again worked with a bunch of circles (why???... another good question, they are super easy annnnd I just really like them), and then added in some photo stickers and stamps for a wee bit of journalling.

Need to touch on these photo stickers... love them... a LOT! I really am not the biggest fan of my handwriting, I mean it's not bad but for some reason it always turns out super duper blah on my pages. So when I saw Sassy Scrappers had these photo sticker babies I knew they would be perfect for me to add that extra bit of word art without having to muck things up with my writing. Win Win people!!!!

Here are the product details - this time going from top to bottom, starting at the left:

First Column



Middle Column




Last Column



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