Sassy Scrappers PL Layout #2

Well....after the week of internet mayhem I've had I did not think this layout or this post would be up. But thanks to a certain hubby who literally spent hours on the phone just waiting to speak to someone (don't get me started) here we are..... F I N A L L Y! I'm using products sourced again from Sassy Scrappers and all the details for these can be found below.

Ok, so this week I thought I'd do things a tad different with the layout. I had a load of mismatched photos, so I thought I'd do a mismatchy sort of page, and considering the sort of week I've had turns out this was highly appropriate!

For this layout I used a 12 x12" Project Life grid page, with 4x4" pockets. It took a little time fiddling with which photos worked with which papers and in which way, but once I decided to start with the middle square, once this was figured out the rest seemed to fall into place from then on.

I decided to stick with using white paper and vellum against the photos so that they really stood out, and also so the page wasn't too over the top. I actually didn't start out intending to do a matchy matchy page of the same colors and double ups on products, I thought I'll use a bit of this and a bit of that, but as the page progressed this way suited it more and more. I love how the squares are 'same same -but different', each square is unique in its own way, yet as a whole page they all they all work really well together. Each square is topped off with their own embellishments, a fav was using leftover vellum paper to make stars which I then put on top of exisiting vellum paper - subtle but effective.

I also decided to add touches of journalling - also in different ways over the grid. From an Ali Edwards freebie quote covering one whole square, to a circle badge, a half square, and a hidden half square flap.