Sassy Scrappers PL Layout #3

Cannot express enough how much fun it's been doing project life layouts for Sassy Scrappers. Creating some actual physical layouts has been a really lovely change to the usual digital style I do. And as I have yet to print out my albums (yep.... may need to get onto that... at some stage... preferably this year), its been really nice to see the kids look at what I've done and have a good old laugh at themselves (and me for that matter)!

For this spread, I used another 12x12" pocket page, this time with 3x4" card slots. I loved, loved, loved working with the navy and soft pink palette and then adding a splash of red here and there. I'm calling it, 100% my fav layout so far!

Once I decided the spread format and the color palette I also knew I wanted to add some fun to the page. Enter the hidden 'seek circle flap' - for this I stuck a strip of paper under the journalling section, cut a slit in the actual pocket slot itself and through the photo, then slipped the strip through to the back of the photo and stuck it down. I will admit I printed out the journalling in different sizes on some A4 paper so I could get the size just right in one go.

I also wanted to do something over the triangle gold vellum (oh my gosh I love this paper), so I cut some hearts using the same paper then fastened them in place with some staples... 'Simple but Effective. I love this phrase and try to remember to do this on my layouts (or at least in some parts) , it's a one of my little go-to guidelines I like to remember in addition to 'Less is More'. At times I tend to overthink things, so when I see this happening I focus on these sayings and I find they get me back on track, as does a coffee.... and chocolate... but mostly these quotes.