Sassy Scrappers PL Layout #6

Back at it again with another project life layout for Sassy Scrappers. It was 'one of those week' where things were just SUPER - especially that time I spilt my coffee EVERYWHERE, I mean who doesn't love a good coffee spill... sigh. Anyhow we survived and I somehow got time to put together this spread which I am stoked with.

For this spread I used a 12x12" pocket page with 6 x 4" and 3 x 4" card slots. Apart from the navy, I kept it really neutral with whites and some wood. This layout turned out to be a whole lot about the embellishments and layering them up on the photos, rather than lots of journalling. Confession - am horrible at the whole journal thing! Intention this year is to improve that, however not feeling the vibes this may happen, BUT we'll give it a good ol crack.

Fav thing at the moment is hands down the wood adhesive embellishments. They add that extra final touch and such a different finish to just the usual sticker. LOVE THEM... note to self... when re-reading this for the spell check GO GET SOME MORE OF THESE BEAUTS! And that white embossed paper cannot go without a mention, it is AWESOME, especially when you want a filler card that is simple but really effective.

By far the trickiest thing for me was printing some text to fit into one of the gold labels - why did I bother you ask? Excellent question, and when I figure that out myself I shall add that into here. But for now, all I got is I just plain and simple wanted too. In all honesty it actually wasn't that horrific, after printing out a bunch of sizes of text on the one printed sheet it was just a matter of strategically cutting it down to shape... measure - cut - remeasure - almost cut too much and repeat...

All in all, really happy with how not only the spread turned out, but also the week. And super happy to add that there were no more coffee spills for the week - thank GOODNESS! Also should add, yes I did take a photo of this without actually realising the coffee had managed to seep its way through my laptop protector cover and into bits it shouldn't have. Lesson learnt, when it comes to the laptop WIPE over CAMERA anyday!