Sassy Scrappers PL layout #7

Rain and LOTS of yellow make for another fun and bright Sassy Scrappers layout. Love a good downpour and even more, love close-ups on nature after one. However, I admit, I should probably pick my timing better for snaps, as I totally nailed the 'what the heck is that person doing' look during the school pick up rush... sorry kids.

For this spread I used a 12x12" pocket page with 4 x 4" card slots. This layout was all about the yellow... yellow word art, yellow photos and yellow paper, then topped off with a touch of light blue and green embellishments.

A fav of this layout is the 'photo stickers' - see below for details, I added on some of the photos. These are brilliant - especially when you know you want to add something but aren't sure what, and don't want to waste a photo by reprinting it with text on it. They seriously are such a great idea, and I was super impressed as to how well they blended in on the photo. Quick tip, you really only get one chance to stick these guys down, so just be sure that the spot you picked is the spot you want.

And then we get to the journalling... added this here and there in the form of secret pockets, on labels and over photos. Created another grid card which I used a few weeks back with the same journalling layout just added different embellishments. That's one thing I've loved about doing these layouts, is seeing how I can use the same products in different ways - same same but different.