Sassy Scrappers PL Layout #8

Wow... what a week. Coronavirus this, coronavirus that... I have to say, with everything going in the world scrapbooking has been a lovely distraction to it all. Hope everyone is staying as safe and as well as they can. Praying for calm to settle in soon over this otherwise C.R.A.Z.Y life at the moment. Alrighty, so here is another layout I've come up with for Sassy Scrappers and look I reckon you'll be seeing a few more about the whole virus thing as that's just life right now...

For this spread I used a 12x12" pocket page with 4 x 4" card slots and 4 x 6" slots. This layout was all about the pops of yellow mixed with grey, navy and good old white. I really enjoyed working with this page format again, mixing things up a little compared to what I usually do digital wise. I'm also sticking to my matchy matchy theme - which I think is pretty much here to stay. Have loved loved loved doing layouts like this and think I've just found my new norm for PL.

And joining us in this yellow ensemble is some of my fav gold labels. I know I mentioned it last post, but these things are the bomb... photo's don't do them justice. They all that extra bit of glam to the page and I seriously can't get enough of them. Speaking of glam - totally added some glitter to the 'making my word visible' quote. Printed this quote out on some Sassy Scrappers paper and just felt it needed that extra something... insert lightbulb moment... insert glitter.

Ali Edwards has been generous enough to create a 'coronavirus' freebie set to help us all document this time in our lives. So given the opportunity I thought I would do some journalling about the whole thing and what life is like right now. Really life is still just as chaotic for us as it was a the start of the year, however add into the mix the whole food on the shelves shortage and it make things more unnecessarily stressful. Feel like people just need to stop and breathe for a second (but breathe softly and not in people's faces... actually really its just more of a metaphorical thing). Stay calm, stay safe and WASH YOUR HANDS - super simple and so important right now.