Sassy Scrappers PL Layout #9

Not sure about you, but we are all (well those who are not A-grade morons) are confined to the house these days. As a homebody I'm really not that fussed by this, HOWEVER the family being all home is a whole different kettle of fish... UGH! Anyhow we are making it work (somehow) and each day life is getting easier and easier as we get into a routine. I'm even managing to still get some scrapbooking done which is a real bonus. So that brings me to layout #9 for Sassy Scrappers.

This spread uses a 12x12" pocket page with 4x3" card slots ( a little different - I know). Navy, lime and light blue makes for a nice refreshing sort of palette if I do say so myself! Wanted to do something a little different for this layout, so chose to work with a 4x3" grid, which come to think of it don't actually think I've ever done a layout this way #shameful!

No layout would be complete without those gold labels, so really it was only a matter of how many not if any would be used :) Adding to the mix this spread is just a few hearts, some dark wood elements and some hidden journalling. And similar to the last layout, the journalling is still about our unfortunate new invader corona-19 - again UGH!

This spread has a LOT going on, loads of shapes - from hearts to hexagons (or pentagons.... no there hexagons), journalling, pops of bold lime, and lots of little chipboard embellishments. I can't get enough of these project life chipboard stickers, the are pretty dang cute and they bring extra dimension to the page. LOVE THEM!

You may have noticed I either print my photos as is, or add some text to them (usually white), if I add bits to them it's usually in photoshop. I find this easier for the moment as I have quite a lot of photoshop brushes (esp from Ali Edwards), though with that said there are plenty of photo editing apps and collages out there that if I got my act together I could probably just as easily edit them on my phone... hmmmm watch this space.